Attention! International flight rules may change!

In order not to lose your flight, a few days before departure, check the official websites of your country or your travel agent for information on the need for a coronavirus test for the flight.

TEZ TOUR is not responsible for this procedure and will not be able to help if the flight is lost. Be vigilant, check the information in advance.

If you need help or do not know where to find the information you need, call TEZ TOUR “GEST SERVICE”.


  1. Before making a purchase, make sure that the store is included in the European TAX FREE Shopping system.
  2. If you have purchased goods in one store for more than 50 €, ask the seller to issue a TAX FREE check. Also, be sure to keep your receipt.
  3. To apply for TAX FREE, you must have a passport.


  1. Schedule 30 minutes in advance for a customs stamp and a refund.
  2. Present your TAX FREE receipt and purchased goods in packaging at the customs office after receiving your boarding pass, but before going through passport control.
  3. Then go to the Europe TAX FREE Shopping cashier, where you will be refunded the tax amount in cash in any currency. Some airports in Greece have a different refund system. Please check with our representative at the airport for this information.


Return flight information will be posted the day before departure (after 19:00) at your hotel. You will receive all the details from the TEZ TOUR representative at the information meeting. TEZ TOUR is not responsible for flight delays - in this case, claims must be made directly to the airline.

If you need our help, please contact the Guest Service department at +30-2810-301-700 or +30-2810-301-702


When preparing for your flight, be sure to check the baggage rules and regulations established by your airline! The airline's coordinates are indicated on the ticket. TEZ TOUR is not responsible for baggage allowance.

Any additional payments during baggage check-in are made exclusively by the passengers of the airline.

DO NOT FORGET that airports have restrictions on the carriage of liquids, gels and aerosols in the carry-on baggage of passengers. Containers with a volume of no more than 100 ml can be carried on board.

If the goods that you purchased in duty-free shops are in special packaging, do not violate its integrity before going through security.

There are usually kiosks in Greece's airports where you can wrap your luggage in a protective film. Check the cost of the service on the spot.

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